Monday, May 04, 2009

Scarlett's Birthday

Scarlett had a fun birthday this weekend. I made omlettes for the kids in the morning, Scarlett opened some presents from family in the late morning, and then we had a friend party at Jump On It in the afternoon. The kids had so much fun. One of Scarlett's friends wasn't able to come, so I used her pass to go jump with the kids. I guess I'm too old to jump on trampolines for an hour and a half, because my lower back and feet have been in pain ever since.


Jump On It
make a wish
Eating cake and ice cream

At the birthday party
jumping at Jump on It

Pinewood Derby

Cars all ready
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The cub scouts in our ward did a pinewood derby this last week. Since Becky is over Cub Scouts in Primary, we tagged along and Valerie raced a car from last year during the open races at the end.

Getting ready for the Pinewood Derby

Cars all ready

cars on the track

Putting a car on the track

Here they come