Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pinewood Derby

Pinewood Derby

Dante participated in his first Pinewood Derby in January. We both learned a lot about designing and building Pinewood Derby cars. It was kind of stressful for both of us but he had one of the faster cars in the pack.

Mechanical Keyboard Fun

I purchased a mechanical keyboard for home and work and I've been having fun with them. I prefer the feel of the mechanical switches over the typical rubber dome contacts that are included in most cheapo keyboards that most people use. Recently I also purchased a "grab bag" of keycaps that fit on the switches that my keyboards use so I could customize the look of my keyboards. Here are some pictures of them.

Signature Plastics "Grab Bag"

Sorting keycaps

more sorting keycaps

close up of some of the keys

another angle

Here's my keyboard at home. I didn't swap out all the keys because they are backlit and I wanted to be able to see them in the dark.
my home keyboard

Here's my keyboard at work.
My keyboard at work.