Tuesday, August 05, 2008

St George Trip

St. George Temple Visitor Center
On Pioneer Day weekend, our family took a trip to St. George, UT. Even though it was hot, it was a lot of fun. One of the missionaries at the visitor's center at the St. George temple told us that even though it was around 106 degrees down there, it was 101 in Salt Lake, so the difference wasn't that bad.

We went swimming every day while we were there. There were two pool areas at the resort. One had a little waterfall. We took advantage of the gas grill on our balcony. We made shish kabobs with beef, shrimp, onions, grape tomatoes, mushrooms and bell peppers.

We stopped by Cove Fort on the way down. The kids really enjoyed it and the kids got one of those toys with a disk and string that you spin around. While in St. George we saw Brigham Young's winter house and Jacob Hamblin's home. The tour had lots of historical facts about who made the chairs and Brigham Young's favorite kind of pie. I would have liked a little more church history thrown in there.

At Petroglyph Park in St. George. We saw some petroglyphs on Friday. They were in this tiny park in a residential area of town. We accidentally drove right by it at first because the park was so small.

The Dinosaur Tracks Museum at Johnson Farm in St. George. After that, we went to the Dinosaur Discovery Site at Johnson Farm. It's a museum that was built around a site where a bunch of fossilized dinosaur tracks were found. After looking at the different footprints, the kids did some coloring, stencils, and rubbing imprints.
Tracing dinosaurs at the tracks museum.

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Liz said...

It looks and sounds like you guys had a great trip! There are so many cool places in Utah where we haven't been. Maybe someday...