Monday, January 12, 2009


We haven't posted in a while, mostly because we haven't downloaded our pictures off the camera yet. And I realized that we really didn't take very many pictures at Christmas. It must be because we did video record some of the morning. Anyway, we had a great Christmas. We spent the evening of the 24th at Mike and Megan's house in Kearns. It was fun to spend time with their family. Christmas morning was spent in excitement and glee as we opened out gifts. The kids all loved their presents and we spent the rest of Christmas break playing new Wii games and having fun with all the new toys. If asked, Dante will tell you he got lots of boy stuff for Christmas. And he loves it all (and lots of it was Star Wars related, which is why Darth Vader made an appearance at our house).

I guess I didn't get any pics of Val that morning, but here is one from her class party. She is playing "Don't eat Santa!" which is one of our favorite games to play at kid parties. We even had a round with the hometeachers when they came this month. It was very entertaining.

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John said...

I just noticed that the M&M bag is blocking my fantastic "Don't Eat Santa" artwork :(