Sunday, March 15, 2009

New blog and new this week

I just created a new blog to write about my quilting/sewing projects. You can find it here

We had a pretty busy week where the kids had a dance festival. It was very fun to watch and sometime John will post videos of it somewhere. I am trying to upload pics, but blogger seems to be really slow at that the last few days. Yea! I finally got them to upload.

Today after church we went to Mike and Megan's house for dinner. We had some really nice weather (61 degrees) and a fun time together (other than when Scarlett accidently hit Max in the face with the swing, I think he walked behind her or something) and got a bloody nose). That was the only trauma and it was fun to get together.

When my Mom and Dad were here last for MacKenzie's baptism, they gave us each an amaryllis bulb. Mine put up two flower stalks and has 5 flowers on it now. Very pretty. Oddly enough, Megan's didn't put up any stalks at all, and just produced leaves. I wonder what Liz's did...

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Brian said...

Ours, sadly enough, is still flowerless. :(