Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Summer Activities

This summer I signed the girls up for a pottery class through the UVU extension. They had 3 classes where they made 3D animals. The last class they got to glaze everything. We haven't picked up the finished projects yet. Probably sometime next week. The girls had so much fun at this class. Valerie, of course, wants to be a potter when she grows up (a goal for at least the last 4 years). She is excited for when she can do wheel turned pottery classes, and the teacher said she could teach wheel classes whenever we want to call her to sign up. So I guess we will have to do it soon. The other girls just naturally want to do what Valerie wants to do, so they love it as well. In the pictures you can see the fish, alligators and "sea bowls" the girls are working on painting. I can't wait to see the finished products.

The kids got passes to Classic Skating from the Public Library reading program this summer, so we went skating. Valerie is getting much better with the in line skates. Scarlett traded off from her scooter to her regular skates, and Ella used regular skates as well. Dante rode up a storm on his scooter when not trying to play the video games. It was a pretty fun night.

We have managed to keep really busy this summer and I can't believe that school starts in less than 2 weeks. Time goes by so fast.


Liz said...

Make sure you put up some pictures of the finished projects! They look fun. I loved roller skating when I was little!

Brian said...

It's been fun to read all the recent posts. Looks like you, John, and the kids have had a very fun and busy summer. Enjoy the last few weeks before school gets going again!